Set up SD card for Pi

Brand new Pi, out of the box, with a 4GB+ SD/Micro SD card.

1) Download the latest Operating System (OS) image. An image is a bit like a photograph of the files on a CD. We used Raspbian as an OS, and the latest image can be found below. Download and extract the image.

Download and extract OS IMAGE:

2) Consider how you are going to put the image onto the SD card. The easiest way is with a PC with an SD card slot, and either MAC OS, Linux, or Windows installed. We used windows, so have included instructions for that. Other methods can be easily found online. For Windows, we need a small program called Win32DiskImager to put our image on the SD card. Double-click on the downloaded file and follow the instructions.

Download and install Win32DiskImager:

3) Write the image to the SD card. Insert the SD card into your PC’s slot. Open Win32DiskImager, and select the image and the correct drive. The image is selected by the blue folder icon, and then navigating to where you extracted the image. The drive can be selected from the drop down menu. Make sure you have the correct drive (check in My Computer) as it will overwrite all the data! Press write.

Write image to card

4) When the write is complete, you’re done! Extract the SD card and insert it into your Pi, ready to boot.

 All done!