Establish Connection With Pi

The easiest way by far is over a local network. It is possible to do it via WiFi dongles, or directly over an Ethernet cable, but these are more complex and have more steps. There are many adequate tutorials for these online. We are going to SSH over the network, which means login to a command line terminal remotely.

1 ) Have the latest Raspbian OS installed on your SD card. This has SSH enabled by default. If you have a different OS, enable SSH on it, usually by editing files on the SD card.

2) Connect your Pi to the network, by plugging it via Ethernet into a router. Have your PC connected the same way. Boot them both up.

3) Download an SSH client. I recommend PuTTY , a very light program.

4) Find out the IP address of your Pi. There are again a variety of ways to do this. The easiest method for me is to login to your router and see attached devices. This will be router dependant, but is fairly standard. Type “” or possibly “” into your web browser, and login with the correct details – often found on a sticker on the router. Click or navigate to ‘Attached Devices’, and view the list. It should contain the IP address of the Pi.

5) Open Putty, and enter the IP address from 4) and press enter. You will be prompted for a login and then password from your Pi, which unless you have changed them are “pi” and “raspberry” respectively. After this, you should see a command line prompt. Congratulations, you are connected!