The wonders of twitter. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Thanks to Bluemix, getting tweets around the world into our software has been a breeze. Sort of. This post will document our ventures into MQTT and hopefully help out anyone else who is struggling to get a device plugged into node-red (in this case using […]

Connection Established

A brief note just to say the communication finally seem feasible and working! Yesterday, for the first time, we had the entire data flow operating. The PITS was recording data and transmitting it, we were able to receive and decode it, and then forward it onto our Bluemix services. Success! Jake & Jonny

Our First Podcast!

We got the opportunity to use the Imperial College Radio studio to record our first ever podcast! In it we discuss the project, microservices, Bluemix and Node-RED, and the musical stylings of Lil Jon. Check it out below!! Also check out some pictures from our fun recording session below:

Unveiling the Website

Its been two weeks since our first blog post. And how amazingly productive the two weeks have been. We have managed to source almost all of our hardware, with our aerials for testing arriving this morning. However, on the more interesting side for me, our website is now up and running! Luke and I have spent several hours getting it […]

The Unboxing

Its been a busy few days at the Edge of Space headquarters as the team works hard on several ‘micro’ (get it?) parts of the project. Luke and Aditya, as per plan, are making progress on the website and hope to get it live and out there for you all to see (and admire) at the […]