Podcast 2 – Getting Closer

Hi there lovely people! Thanks for following a blog again 🙂 We recently took the studio again to bring you our second podcast. We had a great time recording this one, and hope you enjoy it. Here we go:

Making Data Beautiful: The Graph

Hi again! I’m back for my second post. Still making good progress with all things web related. I hope to make the graph tool live for you to play with very soon so you can understand what it is I’m waffling on about in this post. I wanted a live data feed from the balloon […]

Plugging a Pi in the Sky into the Internet

Following up from the previous blog on sending messages to our raspberry pi on Bluemix (link), here’s a blog on how we’re going to receive messages from the raspberry pi and forward them to Bluemix. The hardware we’re using on the pi is Dave Akerman’s Pi in the Sky (link) and the hardware on the […]

Making Data Beautiful: The Map

Hi everyone! Luke here, I’ve been locked in a room playing with data and building the website. I will now emerge into the world of blogging to update you all on my progress. This is the first of a few posts about what I’ve been up to and some of the problems I’ve faced. I’ve […]

F-Curves, Keyframes, and the Power of Python

Having been working on the animation and putting data into it, I thought it made sense to write a post explaining how exactly the animation process works. In the last post on animation, I talked about the character mesh, UV unwrapping and rigging – and now I’m going to talk about the complete tangled mess fun-filled […]


We thought we’d write a post on the animation that we’re working on to add another layer of data visualisation to the launch. It’s being made in Blender, which is a free, open source alternative to the other giants of the CGI industry (e.g. 3DS Max, Maya etc.). It’s presented a lot of challenges – […]