We are all 3rd year students at Imperial College London, 2015, and a mixture of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (EEE) and Electronic and Information Engineers (EIE).


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Aditya Sakhuja – EIE – Adventurous entrepreneur and Apple whizz-kid, who enjoys making slick and aesthetically pleasing products

Alex Hadj-chaib – EEE – A handsome Frenchman, who is our shining light in sensory needs. Excellent repertoire of facial expressions.

Constance Ji – EEE – Cheat Master, with friends in high places.

Dylan Auty – EIE – Engineering student who likes making things work, being busy, and has almost everything in the world just ‘kicking about at home’

Jake Reynolds – EIE – Enjoys knowing how things work, low-level coding, and getting on with it as ‘it’ll only take half an hour’

Jonny Zheng – EIE – A hockey-playing fixer who ‘wants to make something move’. kthxbye.

Luke Ellison –  EIE – American football playing back-end master who also happens to be making our website. ‘But we didn’t bring our bikes..’