Patching and Fixing and Wrapping it up!

It has been one of those weeks where it finally hits you, “THE DEADLINE IS IN A WEEK!”

It might have seemed like a quiet week for the blog, but believe you me, nothing about our work has been quiet. On the contrary, I have seen people run around the lab for broken solder joints and bang their heads on their laptop for buggy SQL queries.

Here are Constance and Jake, trying to get their heads around the optimal position to place sensors


Soldering the solder joint that unsoldered itself
Soldering the solder joint that unsoldered itself

But as we make our way through the patching and fixing, we are slowly wrapping up our project. The helium is on the way, the launch site is set, and our payload is about ready. The next big thing is for us to bid farewell to our beloved pi’s and let them teach us more about the edge of space.