The Unboxing

Its been a busy few days at the Edge of Space headquarters as the team works hard on several ‘micro’ (get it?) parts of the project.

Luke and Aditya, as per plan, are making progress on the website and hope to get it live and out there for you all to see (and admire) at the earliest. Dylan has been tinkering with the newly acquired Raspberry Pi – having just 1 USB can be a real problem sometime (duh!). Constance and Alex, on the other hand, are digging deep into documentations and tutorials to understand the nuances of sensor-Pi relationships. And all along, Jonny and Jake (famously called J2) have been busy buying and waiting for several hardware components for communications while playing with Bluemix.

Talking about J2, we have a real surprise for you all. Presenting our first video – The Unboxing – here’s Jonny and Jake telling you about some of the components we received from our friend Jon at IBM Hursley.