Day 2 – Waiting for parts…

Today we’ve been working to make progress from the solid plan we built up yesterday. We found in our research that the sensors that we intended to use would stop functioning about 10km up, so Alex and Jonny have been investigating replacements. With those components due to arrive tomorrow, and lots of other equipment arriving from IBM Hursley tomorrow, it looks like we’ll be able to start building imminently! We’re expecting to be the proud owners of a gargantuan (up to 10m across!) balloon, parachute, trackers, tranceivers, sensors… everything we need.

We’ve applied for permission to launch from 5 different launch sites – we expect to hear back in 10 days or so, and be approved just in time for the launch window from the 8th to the 15th of June. Which one we choose depends on which ones get approved, so we may be able to launch from inside London or we may have to head to the countryside.

Meanwhile, Aditya and Luke have been making headway on our website, with the rest of the team having input on the overall look – it’s not live yet, but we’re hoping you will be able to see our sleek new homepage before the week is out. Only thing that needs doing is for our hosting to be finalised! Stay tuned….