The Launch Part 3 – Epilogue

Every project has to end, and this will likely be the final post on our blog. It’ll contain a bunch of leftover pictures and media, along with final thoughts and thanks to all involved. The launch story is in Part 2 of this post if you want to read it, but I skimmed over the […]

The Launch Part 2 – A Gift from the Gods

At the end of Part 1 I mentioned the biggest surprise of all occurring on launch day. Before I get to that particular surprise (which happened at the end of the flight), I’m going to keep you in suspense and walk through the launch itself. We arrived at the launch site, and quickly started assembling […]

The Launch Part 1 – Mistakes Were Made

[First off, I’d like to thank the guys at UKHAS and HABHUB for all their support during this project. Without them, this would have been more than a disaster.] [Also, this first part will only contain details on the preparation before launch day itself. Part 2 will contain all the pretty pictures and the story […]

Podcast 3 – Wrapping Up

Hi again! We are back with our third podcast. This one is quite special as Jonny and I talk about the recent developments in our project and take you through what’s been happening at the Edge of Space headquarters (our labs :p) as we get closer to the launch date. This is hopefully going to be our […]

Patching and Fixing and Wrapping it up!

It has been one of those weeks where it finally hits you, “THE DEADLINE IS IN A WEEK!” It might have seemed like a quiet week for the blog, but believe you me, nothing about our work has been quiet. On the contrary, I have seen people run around the lab for broken solder joints […]

Unboxing the Balloon

Last week we gave you a quick peak at our balloon kit that arrived from Sent Into Space. Today, as promised, we have for you an elaborate unboxing video where Jonny and Adi talk about the different components of the kit and how they fit together to make Edge of Space possible. We hope you enjoy it:

Making data beautiful: Getting the data

Hello again! Thanks for getting this far, hopefully you enjoyed the previous posts too! The graphing tool is now live for you to have a play with if you haven’t had a chance to yet. I’m currently working hard on making it faster and better which I will talk about in this post. This is […]